Friday, July 26, 2013

Mozconnect 2013

MozConnect 2013 @ Malwa Institute of Science and Technology , Indore is The event for which i was so excited i Traveled form Bangalore to Indore to Attend This event .

I am Sharing My Experience about this Event. Due to delay in My Flight i could reach the venue a bit late.

Event was started at that time and Introduction to FOSS and Mozilla the session was being taken by Faisal (God Father / Sir ji ).

One thing i want to take in notice is , MozConnect is the event organized in Bhopal by Faisal and Me and after this event we could form the Mozilla Bhopal Community. Now we have a Good Community and MozConnect is our Yearly event which will take place every year in our community.

This Year our Foucs was to Bring Indore along with Bhopal in Mozilla , So mozConnect 2013 was Organized in Indore ans which was the first Open Source event  of Indore. We could get some good contributors after this event.

Want to Thank Shafique and Sahadab who helped us in all possible ways to organize this event.
Hoping for the same support with these guys in future events also.

Here are The Event Snapshots for the session which were taken in MozConnect 2013

Introduction to Mozilla - Faisal Aziz.

WoMoz  - Sara Khan , Komal Gandhi

Firefox Nightly Testing - Me (Ashish Namdev)

Firefox Flicks  - Komal and Me

Mozilla WebMaker (Practical Session ) - Komal & Sara


Mozillians Attended This Event

Faisal Aziz         - Mozilla Reps

Ashish Namdev - Mozilla Reps

Komal Gandhi   - Mozilla Reps - WoMoz

Sara Khan         - Mozilla Reps - WoMoz

Vaivabh Bajaj   -  Mozillian


New Mozillians Joined after This event

Shafique Patni

Sahadab Khan


The event was finished with grand success and also we had a great dinner party together.
but i was not happy at the moment when it was raining very badly in indore and  our Mozillain friend Shafique  got accident while reaching to event venue , But Still his passion and support was really awesome.
 I want to thank Shafique specially for the support even after having accident.

You can find the complete Photo set on the Flickr.

Our Next Target for MozConnect 2014 will be Jabalpur or Gwalior in M.P. (India) , but we will have more such events up to end of this year.

Flickr Photho set  :

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3.6 Upgrade

Friday, May 31, 2013

Keon Phone (Firefox OS)

I am glad to share my experience with Firefox OS Keon Phone.

Thank you Mozilla for Providing The Keon Phone , i am Proud to be a Mozilla Reps 
Mozilla is pushing its own phone OS based on Web technologies. Not to end the same way, Mozilla is betting on openness by allowing anyone to build Firefox OS phones and apps.

The first dedicated handsets just came out last week. Built by the spanish company Geeksphone, the Keon and the Peak are not targeted to end users: they are development devices.I am Glad to share My own Experience about the Keon phone.
Here i am sharing some Pics of unpacking my Keon Phone.

You can find about Firefox OS build prerequisites at Mozilla Developer Network.

Firefox OS is a cutting-edge mobile operating system, designed to render the highest performance. The Web is the Platform, which means not only taking down barriers, but also a lighter system that makes your apps run smoothly and an optimal battery life.

There are variety of applications  available for Firefox OS , Please visit Firefox Market Place and you can check all available apps.
you can submit your own apps for Firefox..

Firefox OS application development :

Firefox OS apps are nothing more than Open Web apps, that is HTML5 Apps, that are installed on a phone running Firefox OS. This means that you can directly reuse the knownledge that you have about front-end development to create awesome applications running on Firefox OS phones. Find more about Application Development at "MDN"

Building and installing Firefox OS :

Because Firefox OS is currently under active development, and is in a prerelease state, the best way to ensure you have an up-to-date copy installed is to build and install it yourself.

You can find more about Building and Installing Firefox Os at 


The Useful Links for Firefox OS are :

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SUMO (Hi-IN) Meetup - APR-2013

I am very glad to share My experience of The first ever SUMO Hindi Localization Meetup.

Download Beta

with the grand success.
  • Getting More contributors for SUMO Hindi Localization.
  • Speeding up the process of Localization.
  • Taking Help from L10n Hindi Localizes.
  • Deciding the Best tool to be used for Hindi Translation.
  • Assigning Responsible persons for specific Task.
  • Creating Project Specific teams for Hindi Localization (eg : FIrefox OS , Firefox Mobile , Firefox Desktop etc.)
  • SUMO interface translation.

We Covered all these points . i want to Thanks Amit Kumar , Chandan , Midhun , Sujith , Komal , Anurag , And all other attendies of This Meeting.

For Speeding up the Localization process of SUMO we decided all members of Hindi Locale will send their weekly status report to Me as a Hindi Locale Leader. we will track the activities being done by each of our team members and will appriciate them with the exiting swag.

Chandan Kumar was agreed to provide  help from Hindi L10n Members and he will talk to other members of  l10n project to help us  in Localization of mozilla support.

we discussed about the tools being used for Hindi Localization now and to make it more easy with a god tool, we decided to use Google Input tool for hindi.

We will assign Task to SUMO Hindi Localization Team to resolve conflicts , since i found during Review of Articles that two people worked on the same article at the same time, so to resolve this we will assign project specific task and we wil form small teams of 3-4 members for one project , so in case if someone is not available due to exams or jobs or any other reason other avilable team members can take over the work.

You can find the summary of this IRC Meet here :

I am very happy to share that SUMO interface Localization has been also started Under the Guidence of Amit Kumar , he formed a team of localizers and already started working on that.

And at last the success of this event is , we got  More SUMO contributors during the Meetup event.

Here are the Details
  • Aniket Deshpande -
  • Sujith Reddy-
  • Sachin Kolige -